Chinese Astrology for 2014 and Chinese Zodiac Sign

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The Chinese astrology and Chinese zodiac signs are different from the western astrology. Chinese zodiac is based on the Chinese philosophy, astrology, yin/yang principles and five elements theory.
It is one of the most ancient, popular and dependable form of horoscope, which has influenced a lot of people around the world.
According to the Chinese astrology, the period of 60 years is divided into 5 parts. One animal is assigned as a zodiac sign for a 1 year period, which gives the attributes of those animals to the people born under that zodiac sign.


Short Characteristics of People born under Chinese Zodiac Signs

Rat: Sign of emperors, characterizes exceptionally practical, dominating people who can be extremely cruel and Chinese-animal-sign-2014-Chinese-horoscope-2014dangerous.
Ox: Humbleness, honesty and being outspoken is the characteristic of people born under this sign.
Tiger: The tiger sign represents people who are loyal, good friends and give everything for a friendship.
Rabbit: Sticking to old rules and not accepting change is main characteristic of this sign which is typical for people in political offices.
Dragon: Dragon is the symbol of Chinese culture which represents people with high intelligence and tough both spiritually and mentally.
Snake: Wise people who are obsessed with their physical appearance with great adaptability are born under this sign.
Horse: According to Chinese astrology, this zodiac sign represents people who are brave but very sensitive and easily overwhelmed.
Sheep: Artistic people with tendency to care about the world, who are easily affected by the negativity around them, are born under this sign.
Monkey: This sign is considered as a scientific symbol which represent people with dominating nature, with complete command over a situation and good friendship qualities.
Rooster: This represents people who constantly seek attention.
Dog: Like the animal the people under this sign represent loyalty and are great friends with charming and pleasing personality.
Pig: This Chinese zodiac sign assigns to people the characteristic of humbleness, kindness and tendency to have close connection with nature.

2014 is the year of Wood Horse which happens once every 60 years and it start on January 31, 2014. Horses like to compete with others. Also they like their freedom, passion and leadership, as a result people will have busy schedule for their goal in the year of Horse. In Chinese horoscope Horse is treated as a Romantic and Travel Star, so we will see a lot of amorous passions in the coming year, as well as lots of trips. Here is a common prediction for each Zodiac sign, just remember that success of each year is based on personal luck as well.

* Special note to those of you born in January or February, you may belong to different Zodiac Sign, depend on Chinese New Year date.

Chinese Horoscope for 2014

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