Chinese Horoscope Rooster in 2014

Chinese Horoscope Assessment for 2014

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Zodiac forecast for Rooster  happy_smhappy_smhappy_sm

Good Chinese-Horoscope-rooster-2014

Good year for Rooster; fame and authority is indicated
Plenty of opportunities for good career and business
Investment luck sustained with good results
Relationship luck is fine with the possibility to have offspring
Noble heavenly help surround you


  • happy-star-rooste Luck and Joyous Star
  • happy-star Moon Star
  • happy-starPeach Blossom Star
  • unhappy-starReducing Energy Star
  • unhappy-starYearly Conflict


Stay away from gossip and jealousy at the work
Control your Emotions
Be careful of speech and offending others.
Take care of health problems early


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