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Entrance and Foyer

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When you enter your house

take a look at what meets you when you first step in, or what is in front of you in the hallway. It is important to note whether there is a mirror or something else blocking you, like furniture or possibly a hallway ending with a big glass door to your backyard. If you have a mirror, it is taboo in Feng Shui, for the mirror reflects not only a bad energy (chi) but good chi(energy) as well. One must therefore, remove the mirror, place a screen between the main door and mirror, or cover the mirror itself.  If you have furniture which blocks chi (energy), you can simply move the furniture to the other side in order to let the chi(energy) go around your home. But if you have an entry or hallway ending with a glass door to your backyard, then good chi comes into your house and goes directly outside through the glass door.

Note: Feng Shui for Houses and Buildings are different. For apartments in the buildings entrance is the actual entrance to the building and not the entrance to the apartment. But for apartments higher than 10th floor, entrance based on compass direction.

-you may decorate your Entrance or Foyer based on the Feng Shui compass direction



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