Chinese Horoscope Rabbit in 2014

Chinese Horoscope Assessment for 2014

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Zodiac forecast for Rabbit  happy_smhappy_smFeng-Shui-happy-starfeng-shui-happy-star

Excellent Chinese-Horoscope-Ox-2014

Excellent with good fortune and happy year
Success, wealth and rational luck indicated
Surrounding with noble and helpful people
Success in all areas
Future income luck is indicated
Potential income luck significant
Good news to have offspring
Exhausting with hard work and traveling your health is stable
Beware of disputes and arguments
Relationship for married Rabbits will be turbulent
Possibility for a single to marry


  • Feng-shui-happyFortune Star (Big Auspicious)
  • feng-shui-happy-starHeavenly Happiness Star
  • feng-shui-unhappyIndirect Offend Tai Sui
  • feng-shui-happyArgumentative Star


To increase wealth, work with partners


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