Bedroom Feng Shui


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A bedroom with good chi (energy)

is a bedroom, where harmonious-chi energy fills and envelops the bedroom. It is an inviting and calm place, where you may have a quick nap or a good nights sleep. It is important to remember to not activate anything in the bedroom, as the bedroom is a Yin place.

Do not have any flowers in the bedroom, since in many cultures it is forbidden to have flowers in bedroom, as flowers steal luck from you.  Also remember several Feng Shui taboos in the bedroom:  Do not sleep with your feet facing towards a door.  Do not sleep with beams overhead, or with a headboard over your bed. If you have beams, you can hang a crystal or cover them with a piece of cloth.  Do not sleep with a mirror reflecting your bed.  Do not have any water features or an aquarium with fish, or any other pets in your bedroom.  Do not paint your bedroom in a bright color. Use pastel wall colors (depending on compass direction) bright bed cover acceptable, but everything should be in balance. Remember bedroom is a Yin territory.  Keep your bedroom clean; do not keep your bedroom cluttered, even behind the door or in the corners. Do not have any paperwork in your bedroom (some people like to work in the bedroom and have a lot of papers, specifically documents with negative information; i.e., letters from lawyers or collection agencies).  Do not keep your bed in the corner, as it is important to have access to your bed from both sides.  Do not hang photos in very sharp frames or arrow-like ornaments pointing towards you or your partner. (I remember when my son used to live in a college dorm, he stuck a picture of arrows on the wall pointing towards his bed, and when I saw it I told him that it was not good for him, as he had placed himself under poisoning arrows, equivalent to a double negative effect; in result, you are always under attack. He immediately removed all sticky arrows from the wall and after several days he called me and told me, that he actually felt much better, and that everything that was wrong before, was now improving and from then on, he believes in Feng Shui). Try to keep only things in your bedroom that give you good memories and good feelings.  As we know there are four good and four bad directions for a person. The headboard should face one of your four good directions.  Buy two of the same nightstands, lamps and pillows for your bedroom. Have two happy pictures – one is yours, another of your partner. If you have pictures of people, make sure those pictures have two people; never have portrait of a lonely woman in your bedroom, nor in your house. If you need to improve your relationship, get two Mandarin ducks or a double heart, and place them in the Southwest corner of your bedroom (Southwest refers to romance and relationship), a pair of elephants with trunks down (trunks up symbolizes protection), and place them facing inwards to symbolize good luck. In other words, always keep pairs in your bedroom.



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