Chinese Horoscope Ox in 2014

Chinese horoscope assessment for 2014

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Zodiac forecast for Ox  happy_smFeng-Shui-happy-starfeng-shui-happy-star 


For the Ox this year of 2014 will be good with successful outcomes all around.
Numerous noble people with good performance and progress will support you.
Prosperity luck is minor due to energy flow
Relationships and communication is good, a single Ox has a possibility to get married.
Take advantage of your creative mind and brilliant ideas.


  • happy-stars-feng-shui Dragon Virtue Star
  • happy-star-feng-shui Peach Blossom Star
  • unhappy-star-feng-shui The Year Braking star


Overall the 2014 is a good year, use creativity to resolve obstacles


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