Feng Shui Garden


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Water_Feng-Shui-Garden  If you are looking for a house with the best Feng Shui, I can tell you right now, there is no    such a house. You can however, improve the Feng Shui of your home.
Starting from the outside, go around your property and see what you have around your home and garden. Look for the following:
1. Are there grass and flowers growing?
2. Do you have leaves and branches tucked away in the corners of your property?
3. Are there good looking trees and shrubbery throughout your backyard?
4. And do you find mostly dying trees, shrubs, and flowers or is it mostly clutter? If you can answer any of the aforementioned questions, then you must first clean all the corners of your property; thereby eliminating all dry and dying trees, shrubs and flowers. Without these changes you cannot improve Feng Shui in your home. Subsequently, the outside must be clean in order to have good Feng Shui in the house, as outside Feng Shui is just as important as inside Feng Shui. After clearing your property, you may now look at the entrance of your home in order to uncover the poison (harmful) arrows that have been known to kill chi coming from various directions to your house or main door. These could include the following: electric poles, columns, lonely trees, the edges of your neighbor’s house, the corners of a building, the roof ridges pointing to your main door, the sharp or knife edges of a road, T and Y intersections, a street that ends at your front door or yard with oncoming traffic heading straight towards your house, churches, hospitals, cemeteries, funeral homes, centers, police departments, fire stations and even schools or colleges. It is important to note that if poison arrows are not corrected, accidents, sickness, depression or even psychological effects can consequently occur in the household.

-you may decorate your Garden  based on the Feng Shui compass direction

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