Kua Number and Eight Mansions

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Today I would like to open a very important and probably most confusing subject in Feng Shui it is Kua number.

The basis of this formula is the theory of the eight Mansions and using personal energy flow. Each person has his/her favorable and unfavorable directions which are responsible for the various needs in our lives, such as career success, health and relationships.

According to the feng shui Eight Mansions school; there are two “energy” groups: East group and West group, based on that formula different group need to activate different compass directions.

You can find out your Kua number and correspondingly your Feng Shui group, which will give you a better understanding of the best directions for the working, seating and sleeping etc.

For example, my Kua number is 8, which makes me West group person and the best facing directions for me are Southwest,


what does it means- it means, that when I’m working, talking on the phone, negotiating or sing contract, I’m seating facing to my best direction. All the time when I’m doing something important and need to be completed successfully I’m facing to the Southwest. Sleeping direction is little different, you have to sleep with the crown looking to the Tian Yi directions. Fortunate for me, my closest people are of the West group, too, so it is easy to correct my environment to work the best way.

What do you do if you and your loved ones are in different group, there is a common ground to be found. Now, you have to focus on is the balance of you and your loved ones drawing on the best feng shui energy throughout the day.

Nevertheless, let me underline, that applying Eight Mansions formula you should know, your lucky and unlucky directions for sure. If you know there are many Feng Shui issues be deal with in your home , like a bedroom that you can’t stand looking at, a front door that is blocked, the Eight Mansions formula could be used for entered home.