Chinese Horoscope Monkey in 2014

Chinese Horoscope Assessment for 2014

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Zodiac forecast for Monkey  happy_sm


Turbulent year for Monkey with one positive star
Scholastic and academic energy is good for this year
Work on expanding your network of friends
Keep away from property investments
Pay attention to loved ones and elderly
Avoid investing; wealth luck is weak and stagnant
Due to the struggling of this year, going to feel overworked and lethargy
Relationships difficult and love luck is low
Avoid hospitals and funerals this year.


  • unhappy-feng-shui  Heavenly Dog Star
  • unhappy-feng-shui No Luck Star
  • unhappy-feng-shui Several Negative Stars


Traveling is good to increase your networking and change luck
Avoid dangerous activities and risky sports


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