Chinese Horoscope Dragon in 2014

Chinese Horoscope Assessment for 2014

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Zodiac forecast for Dragon  happy-feng-shui-star-Dragon

Turbulent Chinese-Horoscope-2014-Dragon

Turbulent year with some auspicious stars
Growth is indicated but you have to work harder. There are lots of challenges and demands.
Good news is that there will be the same help from noble people
Investment luck is low, control your expenses
Avoid sports and water activity, some injures are indicated
Take care of your health; you are easily prone to illness
Be attentive to paperwork. It is possible that fraud will lead you to lawsuit
Do not attend negative occasions or funeral


  • happy-feng-shui-star-Dragon  Sky Relief Star
  • neutral-feng-shui-star  Yi Duo star
  • unhappy-feng-shui-star  Funeral Star
  • unhappy-feng-shui-star-dargon  Injury star (must be careful with water activities-dangerous to be drown)


Control your temper, actions and words


The Chinese “Astrology for 2014 and Chinese Zodiac Signs”


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