Chinese Horoscope Tiger in 2014

Chinese horoscope assessment for 2014

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Zodiac forecast for Tiger happy_smFeng-Shui-happy-star

 Turbulent  chinese-horoscope-tiger-2014

This year will be turbulent with some positive stars that transfer challenges to a fruitful result.
Help from noble people is indicated, do not deny their assistance.
Health luck is smooth
Do not take risky decisions with money or stack or gamble
Very emotional and lethargic energy
Possibility in lawsuit matters
Trust issues indicated, many malicious people around


  • happy_sm Golden Locker Star
  • happy_sm Three Luck Star
  • feng-shui-unhappyAccident and careless Star
  • feng-shui-unhappy-starYearly Conflict Star
  • feng-shi-unhappy-starBack stabbing Star
  • unhappy-starFive Ghost Star
  • unhappy-star-feng-shuiWhite Tiger Star


Destructive year, control your temper and watch out for wrong decisions.



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