New Year Asian Style – Wood Horse

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 2014 The Year of Wood Horse

As the New Year approaches you may find yourself thinking over what makes something special this year or how to please the new year of Wood Horse eve with positive energy. Feng-Shui-New_year-clock
In reality Chinese people follow the lunar calendar and the year of Wood Horse falls on the January 31, 2014. Also it is celebrated over the course of fifteen days. So if you wish to make an Asian note in your New Year’s Eve, then we should probably start with New Years food and then everything else.

What you can add to your platters

Traditionally the Chinese eat noodles to represent a long life, raw fish for success and rice which symbolizes unity between Heaven and Earth. Feng-Shui-100-luck
You may also want to add some vegetables like Chinese cabbage called Choy; it symbolizes “100 types of prosperity luck”. Add Oranges and Mandarins to the table, they represent gold and wealth, drink juice from seven types of vegetables for better harvests as well.


What colors to welcome the New Year in

It is traditional in the western world to wear specific colors for the New Year celebration in order to attract good luck in the upcoming. What are you planning to wear when the clock strikes twelve? Feng-Shui-New-Year-dress-color
The tradition is becoming more popular. A new age of Feng Shui practice came to the West and based on the Five Elements theory and according to the Chinese calendar, the energy of each year is expressed in the energy of a specific feng shui element. The five basic elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. 2014 is the Year of the Wood element, the Wood Horse, so to be in harmony with the energy of the year and support the ruling Wood Horse energy, it is suggested to wear the colors of Wood and Red elements; all shades of green and brown, as well as all shades of red or red colored accessories. Something red should be presented in your clothing since red symbolizes new yang energy.

In addition to Wood element, you can also wear the color of the Water element, because this element is missing from Year Bazi chard.

Feng-Shui-Fire-element-red accessories

Some New Year Chinese Traditions

Do not go into the New Year with an empty wallet, put some money in your wallet or better to buy a new wallet, so you can start the New Year with new financial energy. (it is a Chinese tradition to exchange wealth energy and give a new wallet with new money on new year eve.)Feng-Shui-Wallet-with-Money
Welcome the New Year by lighting nine wishes wishing candles. Feng-Shui-New-Year-incense-sticksBurn nine sticks of wishing incense and do a wish-fulfilling paper ritual (write your wishes on the paper and burnt it in the fire. Just write on three separate wish-fulfilling papers for fortune, health and harmony). This ritual is a symbolic way of letting go of mistakes and failures of the past and bringing a new start into life. Also, the number nine sound like the Chinese word for longevity, near-coming or future luck and represents fulfilment or completion.

PS:Do not forget to clean all your Feng Shui items and check for any cracks.

if you have questions regarding how to clean Feng Shui Items, please ask me in comments.

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