The Year of the Wood Goat 2015

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The Year of the Wood Goat promises to be active with lots of good news. As I predict in the previous year (Year of the Horse), we going to hear more positive economic and diplomatic news. There will be more negotiation between countries, and most importantly, with low military activities.

Let’s start from the beginning. The Yin Wood element represents optimism, flexibility. Yin Wood on top of Yin Earth represents growth, development, and creativity.  Rely on the knowledge of the Chinese calendar and the Sixty years cycle. We have the year of the Wood Goat every 60 years, and based on the experience of those years we can make an approximate analysis what kind year of Wood Goat would be. The previous Wood Goad years were 1835; 1895; 1955;

History of the Wood Goat:
In 1835, James Bowman Lindsay demonstrates a constant Electric Light, P.T. Barnum starts his career as showman and, in December of 1835, Edgar Allen Poe takes a job as editor of the Southern Literary Messenger magazine, publishes critical reviews of other writers and works on his own stories and poems. The treaty of New Echota was signed on December 29, 1835 in New Echota, Georgia by officials of the United States government and representatives of a minority Cherokee political faction. In 1955 BBC Radio starting broadcast twelve episodes of The Lord of the Rings, in September 1955 ‘On Beyond Zebra’ is published by Dr. Seuss, on Sep 15, 1955 Lolita is published in Paris by Vladimir Nabokov, and in 1955, first McDonalds shop was opened in Illinois. These events definitely make a big contribution to our lives, but besides creativity, unity and inventions, we had conflicts and disharmony due to clashes of elements. A battle in Gonzales, Texas on October 2, 1835, on April 11, 1955 Air India’s Kashmir Princess crashes in a flight to Jakarta, on June 11th, the Le Mans car disaster happened where 83 people lost their lives.

Based on historical facts and analyzing the relationship of the Five Elements, we can say that 2015 won’t be a quiet year. However, people will be more open to fine-tuning and will be willing to negotiate or find a middle ground. In 2015, there will be more peace agreements and settlements to avoid international conflicts. There is a risk of natural disasters related to the earth; such as earthquake or landslides thereby triggering a possibility of building destruction or even nuclear concerns. Other than that, there is a risk for disease and epidemics. In addition, the Yearly Earth Branches represent dry earth or sand and refer to the desert  this indicates more accidents in desert areas. The more risky moths are July, October and January of 2016, try to adjust your travel plans especially in areas with the highest risk; like mountains, desert or places with high seismic activity.  As the Goat Year represents a big and strong earth, it can trigger health and medical issues such as stomach, pancreas or adiposity problems or cancer.


Wood in Chinese Metaphysics is the only element of growth. Besides military conflicts and earth disasters, we can suggest that there will be a good economic growth as well. As you can see on the yearly chart, we have plenty of wood and fire that indicates good opportunities to make direct and indirect income.  In 2015, economic activities and the stock market will continue to rise above and bring positive news, especially in spring and summer when the elements wood and fire are more prevailing. The positive news will be with the companies that belong to wood and metal elements such as: fashion industries, jewelry, education, automobile, banking, equipment, furniture and magazines.  Companies in the Fire related sector, such as finance, energy, electrics companies and restaurants, won’t do that bad.  It is not good to invest in companies related to Earth related sector such as constriction, insurance, real estate and natural resource companies.

This is a year when all earth zodiac signs, like Goat, Dragon, Dog and Ox, are set with direct or indirect conflict with Tai Sui “The Year Ruler” and people who have Goat, Dragon, Dog and Ox in their chart could experience a messy year. The 2015 year will be more turbulent for the Goat and Ox as they are positioned in direct clash. This clash will bring some changes or accidents. People who were born in the year of the Ox should expect very busy and not easy going year. Also, people who have Goat, Dog or Ox in their chart could have health concerns or some life-changing events. There are also communication issues with people around you, just play it low this year. The 2015 will certainly be a loud year for some, but for people who are born in the year of the Boar, Rabbit or Horse, this year will bring more positive news and be a more smoother year than 2014.
Overall, the year of Wood Goat will be positive and optimistic; with transformations, improvements and progress.

I hope you find this information useful and helpful to make any adjustments for the next year. a good proverb for this year is “forewarned is forearmed.” Are you “forearmed” for the next year of Wood Goat?
Let me know your questions and concerns in comments for year of 2015.