The Fire Rat Month – December

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The Fire Rat Month starts on December 7th to January 6 2015 and it brings us turbulent energy as the year of the Horse antipathy influences the month. The stormiest energy is located in the south. In addition to the Horse and Rat clash, the south gets Star number 2 which brings illness and sickness, and signifies disease and chronic problems, especially with blood and cardiovascular system.
On the other hand, the annual and monthly stars combine and create auspicious energy which generates an opportunity to accumulate assets. It is a month when people seek benefits. In other words, it is a month for more than just relaxing holidays and passive inaction. Instead, it is time to work on mistakes and put everything together in work or business, and getting rid of outdated laws and rules of life; including what is necessary for clearing the way to getting a new and better future. In terms of business and finance, it will be a mixed month, but the stock market should perform well and should finish with positively.

In December, water is the strongest element. Water is nourishing Wood energy and making this a mostly busy month. Expect to see more output and productivity; especially if you are born in the Year or Day of the Pig, Rabbit or Goat. December brings you romantic fluids and it a great time to get more social.
The monthly positive days are represented by the Yang Wood element or the Monkey. Monkey days will enjoy the support of the heavenly Virtue Star which further enhances their usability.

From the standpoint of energy flow and how or what influences us in December, you can look at my monthly Flying Stars Update for information. I cover what types of energy will affect you if you have main door or bedroom in certain compass directions, and where not to start your renovation this month.