The year of Wood Horse

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Forecast for 2014 Wood Horse


Photo taken from Horse breeds list

Year of the Wood Horse tends to be active with lots of news in economics, sports, discovery and military activities or fierce battle.
Let’s start from the beginning. The fire element that is represented by the Horse brings a lot of competitions, popularity and combined with the wood 

they bring economic growth as well. Rely on the knowledge of the Chinese calendar and the Sixty years cycle. We have the year of the Wood Horse every 60 years and based on the experience of those years we can make an  approximate analysis what kind year of Wood Horse would be.
At the beginning we will take a look on previous Wood Horses years; 1834, 1894 and 1954. In 1834 a war started on the Caucasus Mountains, a war on the African continent and an uprising in South America. In 1894 war between China and Japan started, the Madagascar War, the Second Mandingo War and a revolution in Korea. In 1954 the first Indochina War happened, Algeria gained independence, a Nagaland insurgency in India occurred, the Guatemalan Revolution. Other military activities happened in Paraguay, Laos, Tibet and Cambodia. Based on historical knowledge and records of the previous Wood Horse years, we cannot eliminate possibility of war or military conflicts in the year of 2014; in some cases there could be government execution, a revolution or a dramatic adjustment of government.
In Chinese Metaphysics, Yang Wood represents growth and activities. Also it represents a big tree that stands straight and cannot bend down. Due perseverance, stubbornness and strength of convictions, diplomatic talk would be powerless which leads to conflicts. Most heated debates will be in May-June. If we take look back at all the Yang Wood years, all yang wood years ending with 4, we can notice that those years had some sort of natural disasters, for example, hurricanes and meteorites falling. In such cases we can assume that in 2014 there will be turbulence with tornadoes, hurricanes, diseases, epidemics and the same kind natural cataclysm too.
Wood in Chinese Metaphysics is the only element of growth. Besides military conflicts and earth disasters, we can suggest a good economic growth as well. Wood and Fire produce a very powerful energy that boosts energy and the power industry to very optimistic level in stock market. In addition, industries as metallurgy, airlines, restaurants, sport, banks, cars, appliances, computers and information technologies, transport, communication, entertainment, soft drinks and hard drinks will do well. As for the economy, the element of Fire is the driving force behind the stock market and creates a positive mood, which gives rise to optimism and confidence. In result more people will buy on the stock market. So we are expecting a significant improvement in the economy as investors regain confidence and this may be the year where the stock market will continue to be very active.
Overall, the year of Wood Horse will be positive and optimistic; modernization and innovation with development of new technologies and progress.
Using the farmer’s calendar and making an analysis of previous years, we can make prediction for the year of Wood Horse 2014.


Photo taken from Horse wall papers

The fire Horse is also Peach Blossom, or Flower of Romance, which is beneficial to entertainment and glamorous industries such as fashion, beauty, advertising and media…but the negative aspect of Peach Blossom can be sex scandals.
Certainly the very powerful fire energy of the Horse will also bring fire disasters, explosions, nuclear issues, gun shooting and war. In Chinese medicine, fire is heart and blood, strong fire will attack metal, which associated with the breathing organ. So there will be health problem of the heart, blood poisoning, inflammation, and breathing organ, lung and skin problems. As we can see long time a go in the 1894 year of Wood Horse, was a serious plague pandemic – bubonic plague which killed over 100,000 people in south China. In 2014, the flying star 4 is in the center and it means that we could have another scare of chicken flu.

I hope you find this information useful and helpful to make any adjustments for the next year. “Forewarned is forearmed” says a proverb. Are you “forearmed” for the next year of Wood Horse?

Let me know in comments your questions and concern for year of 2014.

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