Is the old system of day selection working or is it a coincidence?

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Yin Day in November


The Four pillars of November 17th 2013 @ 7:20pm

Last Sunday a plane crashed in Kazan, Russia at about 7:20 pm. The flight was arriving from Moscow. This accident occurred on an unfavorable day of the month in the metal hour. The Yin Fire day clashed with the Yin Water, the Yin Water month and the year of Yin Water clashes with the Yin Fire, there is so much water that suppresses fire. If we take a look at the plane crash history records we can find that all plane crashes originate on the Yin Fire day and one of the definitions of Yin Fire is an explosion. In addition, as you remember in one of my news blogs I wrote about the unfavorable days in November. Once again I’m asking myself, if the ancient system of “the day selection” is still working or is it a coincidence? For the people who know the system of day selection this catastrophe isn’t a coincidence; it is a system to avoid hostile days that impact negatively on our life.
I am writing about this topic with great sadness in my heart; everything that happens in Russia touches me personally because it is the place where my family and friends live. Also I want to remind you about the deadly tornado that happened on November 17th in the Midwest where six people were killed in Illinois. I grieve with the families who have lost their loved ones on Sunday. It was a very distressing day.
Adjust your events schedule accordingly and be safe in November.