Boar month in the year of Snake

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Starting from November 7th to December 7th is the Boar month.


November is probably one of the turbulent months of the year. Since the energy of the month is clashing with an annual energy, it is mostly an unfavorable month for people who were born in the year of Boar. As with all months, the Boar month has good and bad days. If you are planning important events and cannot reschedule them, and  make sure you are not conducting events in the negative days.

Here are negative days:

Thursday November  7th (*clashing with Sheep 35 and 23 years old)
Monday November 11th (*clashing with Boar 79 and 55 years old)
Sunday November 17th (*clashing with Snake 73 and 61 years old)
Saturday November 23rd (*clashing with Boar 79 and 67 years old)
Friday November 29th (*clashing with Snake 61 and 37 years old)
Thursday December 5th (*clashing with Boar 55 and 43 years old)

Here are positive days in the November.

However be careful, you need to know your animal sign (double check your animal sign here) even if it is a good day because for some it could be a bad one.

Saturday November 9th (negative for Rooster 81 and 69 years old)
Wednesday November 13 (negative for Ox 77 and 53 years old)
Friday November 15th (negative for Rabbit 75 and 27 years old)
Thursday November  21 (negative for Rooster 69 and 45 years old)
Monday November 25th (negative for Ox 65 and 41 years old)

I hope this information will help you to avoid the negative influences of the day and enhance positive flow for your important events.

* Clashing- means harmful for some animal signs in a particular age