Thanksgiving Spirit of Gratitude

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What Does Thanksgiving Mean for You?

Thanksgiving: a time when friends and relatives will be celebrating with family. Feng-Shui-Thanksgiving-Spirit-Gratitude

People travel hundreds of miles to see each other. Its one of the busiest travel times of the year, at least in the US. A great meal is prepared with special foods that are holiday favorites and everyone gathers around the family table to share happy and celebratory spirits.

Thanksgiving is based on gratefulness, kindness and hospitality.

At this time of year television, newspapers and magazines are full of different offers and suggestions where and how to celebrate Thanksgiving this year: the weekend cruises in NYC, big sales, stores preparing for Black Friday and the holiday spirit goes by the wayside. Maybe it all seems this way to me because I live in the metropolitan area.

Thanksgiving always puts me in a thankful mood and this year goes without exception. I’ve always been a big fan of Thanksgiving for many reasons. I love the relaxed attitude, unless you’re the cook this holiday. I love this time of year. I love the sense of family. I love the food and eating everything until the leftovers are gone. I love the memory of my first Thanksgiving. I love the time set aside to just be grateful, and looking back at the year we can all find a reason to say thanks.

Perhaps now it is a good time to thank all my family for supporting of me, all my friends just for what they are, all my customers and my readers because without you I would not be able to do work that I love, all my virtual and remote friends; I love to talk and learn from you. Thanks to all of you because I’m lucky enough to have you!!!