The Truth About Spiritual Presence

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Are there even any truths about what is called Spiritual Presence? Is Presence even real? If so, can we ever know what that real is?  Probably not.

Entering Spiritual Presence At Will Feng-Shui-Spirituality

Contrary to what you might have heard on the spiritual grapevine, you don’t need a spiritual awakening or be enlightened or receive an act of Grace or even be struck by lightening — divine or the regular kind — to enter Presence. You can get there on your own whenever you wish. All you need is to know how.
Being in the moment is one way. It didn’t work for me. It was difficult to sustain and never brought me to the place of peace, love and tranquility that I now attain so effortlessly — and can remain in for hours at a time without doing a thing. Back then I wanted more.

So I took a weekend workshop.   Feng-Shui-Spiritual-Presence-Trees-sky

I became a facilitator of a method to enter that place of peace at will. Now I teach others how to enter Presence in a few hours in person or on the phone. My take on “Presence” is spiritual — yet someone else might describe it as “being in the zone”.


Or maybe it’s being focused in the right brain hemisphere and that’s why the mind chatter becomes a quiet stream instead of a raging river. I also recognize it as a brainwave state that I label a mixture of alpha and theta. (There’s a new one called gamma — maybe it’s that too.) Never having been hooked up to a brainwave machine, I have no way to verify it. One probably can get there with drugs, but I have no proof of that either. Drugs are not my thing — meditation is.

Good Vibrations Feng-Shui-Spiritual-Sky

In spiritual parlance I would define being in Presence as being in a very high vibrational state. My time spent in Presence takes me out of the lower vibes of worry, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and other constricted emotions. Instead I resonate with higher frequencies of loving-kindness, appreciation, compassion, joy, and sometimes bliss.

Here is a list from my website about what I’ve experienced or observed as possible while in Presence:

  • Dissolving difficult emotions for peace of mind
  • Facilitating and aiding in healing
  • Relieving and releasing pain
  • Setting intentions from this high vibrational space
  • Rest, relaxation and repair of mind, emotions and body
  • Basking in the glow of love, compassion, appreciation, joy
  • Transmitting to others this spiritual energy just by being in it
  • Attuning yourself and training your brain to this high frequency brain state by building new neurological pathways to that end.

I’d love to know your perspective on Presence. Please share a comment. If you have any questions, ask away and I will answer as best I can.


Rochelle Gordon is a Practical Spirituality Teacher & Law of Attraction Coach, Feng-Shui-Spiritual-Rochelle-GordonPublished Author and Retired Astrologer using energy techniques with intuitive skills in guiding clients to attain aspirations, peace of body and mind, and inner wisdom. Rochelle only shares what has healed, uplifted, expanded, transformed and empowered her. She coaches, teaches and writes to help others empower themselves.

If you’d like to learn about Spirituality and improve your live, you can find Rochelle at  Coach Rochelle Gordon