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How to Decipher a Person’s Character – BaZi Relationship Analysis

March 23, 2016 in Articles


Where do conflicts and resentments come from? Why is it sometimes difficult to get attention from a person we are interested in? The exact answer to this question lies in the system of values that every person has. Sometimes those values will be different from ours. Read the rest of this entry →

Negative and Positive days in March 2016

March 6, 2016 in Articles


Sometimes we feel that one month is better than another and here is why.  The dynamics of each month is different in relation to Read the rest of this entry →

BaZi – Flower of Romance

March 3, 2016 in Articles


 Do you know that the month of the Rabbit brings the “Flower of Romance” to those who were born in the years of the Tiger, Read the rest of this entry →

What kind of Luck is Waiting for you in 2016 – Monkey Year

February 27, 2016 in Articles

Every year, Feng Shui masters make predictions for the upcoming year and describe the general trend for the year. This includes changes in world politics, the economy and changes in other sectors and industries. These are the prediction for 2016, the year of the Fire Monkey. As usual, we rely on the Chinese Solar Calendar, which is an ancient proven tool for prediction, to predict our annual forecasts. The specialty of this calendar is that all information about time, meaning the year, month, day and hour, are presented in the form of the basic five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) and the relationship between them and the animal signs allows us to do the analysis. Read the rest of this entry →

2016 year of the Fire Monkey

February 11, 2016 in Articles

Feng Shui energy dynamics change from year to year. We need to relocate the active areas in important locations of our homes and/or offices. That way we can tap into the positive energy and avoid the negative. The year of the Monkey promises to be a highly diverse year; some of us will be on the top of a wave and some will at the bottom. Let’s take a look.

Year-Monkey-2016-Flying-Stars Read the rest of this entry →