What kind of Luck is Waiting for you in 2016 – Monkey Year

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Every year, Feng Shui masters make predictions for the upcoming year and describe the general trend for the year. This includes changes in world politics, the economy and changes in other sectors and industries. These are the prediction for 2016, the year of the Fire Monkey. As usual, we rely on the Chinese Solar Calendar, which is an ancient proven tool for prediction, to predict our annual forecasts. The specialty of this calendar is that all information about time, meaning the year, month, day and hour, are presented in the form of the basic five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) and the relationship between them and the animal signs allows us to do the analysis.
I’m going to try to change up the format for this year predictions. You’ll find a general overview of the year and then personal predictions related to money, authority or intellect.
Here are the four pillars of the Year of the Fire Monkey:
You can tell from the image above that this year has 3 clashing pillars, so let’s see what the year of the Fire Monkey has in store for us.

The first thing that catches our eye is Fire and Metal clashing. This suggests disharmony and that there will be international conflicts and disagreements. On the other hand, it seems that such conflicts may not be very forceful and violent because the Fire Monkey represents sunsets. That means that these conflicts can be more easily resolved with negotiation and consensus. Yang Fire also helps soften the gravity that these conflicts may have. Yang Fire always brings optimism and friendliness. It will be much easier to reach agreements and to resolve conflicts this year.
Besides politics, I would like to spotlight some information on the economy and stock market. Because the Fire element is associated with happiness and optimism, it will boost confidence about the economy and bring good performance to the stock market. If look back on the past, 60 years ago to be exact, in 1956 (Fire Monkey year), the Dow Jones industrial Index jumped to 500 points for the first time in history. That happened because the 5 elements are regularly driving strength behind the stock market and the 5 elements are affecting people’s mood. Fire is joy and Water is Fear, so it’s no wonder why the stock market usually performs poorly in the winter months. In the years when the Fire element is missing in the chart, we typically hear more negative economic news and the stock market performs very badly. 2008 is a great example of that. In 2016, the Fire element will continually drive optimism to economy and stock market. It will be most active in the spring and summer. This progressive Fire energy will continue into 2017, which also has a fire element in the Heavenly stems.

4 Pillars of 2016

Industrial performance in 2016:

The Fire Monkey Year is about to bring a lot of competition to the businesses arena. Industries that belong to the fire and water elements will take along prosperity. The first best industries are energy, entertainment, the stock market and finance. The second best industries are transportation, communication and shipping. The third top industries are construction, property, antiques and mining. Those industries will be active and productive, but money will not be obvious on the table. This means that people who are working in those kinds of industries must be more creative and find alternative ways to find customers and make money. The fourth place in our list belongs to the metal element industries such as banking, engineering and beauty. Those industries will be very active and have the potential to make money, but completion will be deadly. Last in the list of industries are ones that deal with garments, textiles, paper, and timber. All environmental companies will be active, but it will be hard to find investors and make money due to the absence of the earth element in the yearly chart.


In Chinese metaphysics, the Monkey corresponds to the “Travelling Horse ‘. The Travelling Horse means that during the year of the monkey, people will travel more, especially the people born in the year of the Tiger, Horse, Boar, Rabbit, Goat or Dog or on the day of the Boar, Rabbit or Goat. On another note, Monkey also represents an increased chance for car accidents, mainly for people born in the year or day of the Tiger. Those people should be extra careful. The last thing the Fire Monkey represents is the clashing of two elements (Fire and Metal. This could signify air and sea travel disasters since the Monkey contains Yang Water – like the ocean.

In terms of health

aspects Yang Fire refers to the heart, blood circulation, eyes and the shoulders in Chinese Metaphysics. Therefore, in a year like the Fire Monkey, it is easy to get heart or vein inflammatory problems or shoulder pain. As I said before, Fire clashes with Metal. The Metal element represents lungs, breathing, internal organs and the skin. Because of the clashing, there is chance of flu and other breathing, organ and/or skin problems. The illness star two is present this year and it only strengthens these effects. Besides that, Flying Star 2 is located in the center palace this year and it represents sickness in the center or middle of 2016. It will mostly affect areas in the center or northeast because hostile star number 5 is located in the Northeast. All in all, this is a year with larger chance of a flu epidemic. If we flash back in history, in 1956 there was an Asian flu epidemic from China. These stars also negatively affect the Middle East and countries or regions with name “Central “in them. This could include China as well as Central Asia for example.

Astrology or Animal Sign:

Generally speaking, this year is more promising for people who were born in the year of the Rat, Dragon or Snake. But some other zodiac signs will get positive stars as well. The Rabbit and Rooster lead this list; they can find two most fortunate stars in their charts, such as Dragon Virtue and Sun. In addition, people who are born in the year or day of the Rooster have the “Flower of Romance” Star this year. This star means that their “likability” will increase and they will suddenly become more popular and more sociable. With that come more opportunities to grow relationships with the opposite sex. This star could help Roosters who are working in customer services or sales; I would use this star to increase my likability and sales. The second place belongs to the Boar and Snake. They get very good stars like the Moon and Fortune Virtue. And third place belongs to those born in the year or day of Yin Wood or Yin Earth – meaning any birth year ending with the number 5, or 9 such as 1965, 1969 so on and so forth. The Monkey year creates the“Nobleman” Star for these people. It gives them a person that can protect them and who will be their helper and mentor. Besides that, the Monkey is an “Academic “Star for people who are born in the Yang Fire Year. This star indicates scholastic achievements and a strong ability to learn. 2016 is a good year to have a baby because they will have the Academic Star in their chart.


On the other hand, the Monkey creates a “Fire Penalty “for people who have Tiger and Snake in their charts. This penalty is a hidden danger and will cause frustration, worries and serious misfortunes related to the fire element. These misfortunes include relationship problems and health issues that could lead to heart attacks or high blood pressure. Try to control your emotions and not take everything so personally.
People who were born in the year of the Dog are less fortunate this year. They have none of the positive stars. Similarly, people who were born in the year of Tiger don’t have great luck. The Tiger is in direct clash with the Monkey. Such clashes usually bring instability, incorrect actions, accidents or negative changes. These things will affects everyone differently since it depends on where the Tiger appears in your birth chart. If you are looking for something that will soften the effect, the best solution is being close with someone that was born in the year of the Snake. Snake people work as protection from trouble and attract the Monkey.
The other animal sign that is facing an unfavorable position is the Monkey. When Monkey meets the Monkey year, they upset the Grand Duke which is the ruler of the year. This usually brings disharmony, irritability, fear and things that stop you.

However, this specific prediction is not totally reliable because that animal sign can appear in all four pillars in a person’s birth data; it is recommended to check the full Four Pillars of Destiny, which requires full birth data information such as Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth.



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