Negative and Positive days in March 2016

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Sometimes we feel that one month is better than another and here is why.  The dynamics of each month is different in relation to the year; the impact of a flying star is also changing.  We can also take into account the influence of positive days, with one month sometimes having more positive days then others. For example, in March, we have two eclipses – one solar eclipse that will occur on March 9 and second, the Moon – on 23 March. In these days, energy is very strong, unpredictable, and therefore can be dangerous. It is undesirable for these days to schedule any important action. Also, on the day of the solar eclipse it is not recommended to go out and look at the “obscured sun.” It is believed that it may involve failure.

Days between eclipses from 9 to 23 March,  are “negative color” and are possibly better to avoid very important actions on these days. But they are not as dangerous as the days the eclipses occur on themselves; therefore, if necessary, it is desirable to choose favorable dates for the significant cases. However, in March we have auspicious days and moderated days as well, and we will start with looking into positive days.

Positive days in March 2016:

March 18 and 30 – In general, are good days with positive energy – for both monetary and personal. Any action will have a very good start, with a good chance for success. Dates are not suitable for Snake born people.
March 14 and 26 – These days are well suited for long-term affairs. For all of what you want to do for a long time and have a stable, reliable results. But these dates are undesirable to use for short-term businesses, which need a quick result, as there may be delays. Days are not suitable for Ox born people.

Moderated days:

March 16 and 28 – These days are unfavorable to start important initiatives, as there are difficulties, obstacles, challenges. Also, these days have monthly clashes and are not suitable for the Rabbit.
March 21 and April 2 – These days are not suitable for high activity, the organization of important events or to start a treatment. But you can use them to complete old things that have previously been postponed. Also, these days have yearly clash days and are not suitable for the Monkey.

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Negative Days:

March 9 and 23 – Days of solar and lunar eclipses. The energies of these days are very unstable. It is advisable to avoid making important steps.
March 7, 19 and 31 – Days have “uncivilized punishments” combination. They carry conflict and disrespect. Be restrained these days.
March 15 and 17 – “Days without wealth”. Not suitable for starting a new business, investments, or important monetary transactions.
March 19 – The separating day. This day is unfavorable for marriage, moving, and other important activities.