BaZi – Flower of Romance

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 Do you know that the month of the Rabbit brings the “Flower of Romance” to those who were born in the years of the Tiger, Horse or Dog. They feel spring time as a time of romance. March is a good month for them when it comes to finding love and the perfect relationship.  Also people who were born on the days of the Rat are influenced by the “Peach of Blossom” or “Red Luan” star, and can also enjoy the amorous adventures this month!


But first you have to find if you have a Flower of Romance or Peach of Blossom stars in your chart, click here on BaZi Calculator 

If you have problems with romantic relationships you can activate romantic energy by just walking in a specific direction on a specific date and time to attract love:

That date, time and direction are:

March 13th in hour of the Snake (09:00-11:00 am (morning time)), positive direction to walk is West.  

March 17th in hour of Rabbit (05:00-07:00 am (morning time)), auspicious direction to walk is West. 

* In Chinese Metaphysics 24 hours associated with 12 animal signs and each Chinese Astrological hours contains 2 hours of western time.