Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches

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Chinese System of Calculation

Today we are covering the “Heavenly stems and Earthly Branches.” I have to say that this topic is a very confusing one because the Chinese calendar contains both the lunar and solar calendar and it’s called the “Chinese Almanac”

What is the Chinese calendar?

The ancient Chinese calendar, better know as Chinese Almanac – Tung Shu has more than a thousand years of history. This is the Chinese system of measuring and recording the passage of time by two sets of rule in a contained sequence between the sky and earth (Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches), as well as the four seasons.
This almanac is traditionally used to indicate important occasions and day selections for festivals, renovation, wedding and moving houses. For the farmers this calendar is used to time agricultural activities.

Heavenly stems and Earthly Branches

The Chinese calendar includes ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches to make combinations representing a sixty year cycle.

Heavenly-Stems-Bazi-Paht-Chee-Chinese-calendar Earthly_Branches-Bazi-Paht-Chee-Chinese-calendar

So a year can be represented by the two characters, one from the heavenly set and one from the earthly

Example of Water Dog Year, 1922, 1982, 2042


Example how calculations looks like: day,month and year, using Chinese calendar


 Thus came a way of counting time which has been passed down through thousands of years.

The Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches of Wood Horse go by time, day and the year.


Based on this representation Feng Shui and Paht Chee Reading masters can predict what to expect for next year  2014 Wooden Horse. Based on that system we can calculate our destiny as well.

Prediction for the year of Wood Horse I’ll cover it in the next articles.