2016 year of the Fire Monkey

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Feng Shui energy dynamics change from year to year. We need to relocate the active areas in important locations of our homes and/or offices. That way we can tap into the positive energy and avoid the negative. The year of the Monkey promises to be a highly diverse year; some of us will be on the top of a wave and some will at the bottom. Let’s take a look.


Southeast: Star #1.  Star number 1 is good for career, travel and academic pursuits, as well as communication and charm. Also, star number 1 is good for increasing social networking that supports your name. On the other hand, this star can bring you emotional instability and turbulent relationships, especially for married couples. South: Star #6. All the hard work you do will be acknowledged by superior. This is a new beginning for promotions and career advancement, but this star brings various negative attributes, unexpected changes, negative sentiment and upheaval. Southwest: Star #8.  This star makes the southwest sector auspicious. It brings positive energy, prosperity and good fortune, especially if you have your main door located in the southwest sector. East: Star #9.  This star represents future prosperity, upward mobility, promotions, good news and upcoming success. Basically it’s a second wealth star. Center: Star #2. This star influences and rules the whole year and brings illness. The annual star number 2 is located in the center; it represents the Earth Trigram and the star of the “sick spell”. As such, we expect more sickness or a flu epidemic in 2016 that affects central and northeast areas and countries/regions with the name “Central”.


 West: Star #4. This star represents romance, academic pursuits and scholarships. It influences people who make a living in creative, artistic or writing fields.  Also, this star brings travel opportunities all year long. If a couple has a bedroom or uses the west sector often, they will enjoy a good relationship. Northeast: Star #5. This is the most negative star that brings misfortune and accidents. It creates financial and physical danger. Try to avoid any renovations in the northeast sector of your home. North: Star # 7.  This is an unlucky star that increases the risk of armed robbery and violence. But for some of you, this star will bring Peach blossom luck that is good for building relationships. Northwest: Star #3. This star donates constant friction and misunderstandings that could end up in lawsuits. Be aware of additional turbulent stars such as the Grand Duke, the Year Breaker and the 3 Killing Stars. The Grand Duke this year is in the Southwest 232.6 to 247.5 compass degrees. It is not favorable to start renovation, “break a ground”, and make major construction work from February 4th in this direction and sector. The Year Breaker Star is located in the Northeast 52.6 to 67.5 compass degrees. This star in inauspicious and can lead to serious negative impacts. I do not recommend starting any renovations or construction work in this sector. Try to leave this area inactive. The 3 Killing Stars is located in the south this year, and this inauspicious star could trigger negative events such as accidents, a loss of wealth and health complications. It is also not recommended to sit with your back against the South this year, as you will be sitting against the unfavorable energy. The most negative energy is in February and November of 2016. PS: I hope you find this information useful and helpful to make any adjustments for the next year. Let me know in comments your questions and concern for year of 2016.

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