Can Feng Shui improve your travel ?

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Feng Shui Travel Tips

An the end of the Summer my family was preparing for short trip to Florida and I started look for summer travel tips and suggestions. I have to say, that we never have been in Florida during the summer, usually we travel to Florida in the winter time. So, I’m searching for recommendations, they all pretty much say the same things about getting to the airport early, packing lightly or take a lot of sunscreen with you, but something caught my eye, Cathay Pacific-10 Tips for Feng Shui Travel”

The article had tips to help travelers enjoy a restful, harmonious and healthy travel and return home feeling balanced and refreshed. As Feng Shui practitioner, I’m certainly interested in such information.  Feng Shui widely considered being the simple art of furniture placement; actually it is much more complex and revolves around the integration of heaven and earth. The movement of Chi energy- breath of life and spirit- generated by humans and surrounding objects through space is beneficial. No matter how tempting it is to visit new places, travel can be taxing on the mind and body.

Here are simple and practical tips as good for a business trip as they are for a family taking off of summer vacation:

  • Bring “your home” with you to lodge your energy instantly in new surroundings; Bring-your home-with you
    it could be a talisman or small animal figure that feels connected to your personal families and your home.




  • Pack something to utilize in your alone time that you normally would not do, but wish to do; it could be a periodical magazine, i-pad, user guide from camera, even poster paint kit or watercolor kit.


  • When you walk in your hotel room and you don’t like the way it smells, Tea-lights
    simply turn around and ask for different room or you can light small tea-lights that have a smell and it will create great warmth, comfort and home environment, as well as clearing the space.



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  • After you arrived, open curtains in your hotel room or rental house, if possible open Feng-Shui-Travel-Hotel-Room
    the windows. Unpack and hang up your clothes, be ready for the pleasant journey the next morning.





  • Check the locks before you go to sleep. Also you can get a wake-up call or Feng-Shui-Travel-wake-up-call
    set an alarm so you can sleep knowing that you will wake up at the right time. If you need to block noise from your neighbors, just stuff a towel under the door it will block noise and boost your barrier between you and outside realm, especially when you sleep. When a solid barrier between you and outside world is created, it’s considered as good Feng Shui. Keep your room and bathroom neat and organized.



  • In many hotels air conditioning works strongly and blows very intensely, many people appreciate it.  However, a wind that blows over your body robs a certain degree of multiplicative chi-energy from you while you’re sleeping. If the fan blows directly on you, simply create a block you can hang a towel over the fan, make a pillow wall or use any mobile/computer device to create white noise.


  • Try not to drink a lot of coffee, alcohol and beverages with artificial additives. Feng-Shui-Travel-Tips-Beverages
    Avoid salty, fried food as they all dehydrate and exacerbate an overabundance of yang/fire energy, instead try to drink lots of water and apply moisturizer repeatedly.






  • Consume more rice and fish, as fish and rice are represent earth and water elements food Feng-Shui-Travel-Tips-Food
    and hydrate plentifully. Feed yourself with soothing tubers like sweet potato, fruits and cucumbers, do not forget to eat small portion of meals.






  • Before you leave home make sure that you plants are watered, your trash is out, make-sure-that-you-plants-are-watered
    clutter is cleared and bathrooms, bedrooms are clean, fresh and ready to welcome you into a place of rest and rejuvenation. Clear away any tasks from your visual line as you walk in the front door or on your way to unpacking and getting into bed.





  • While you are on your trip, your house is in the dark and acquires not fresh Feng-Shui-Travel-Tips-Flowers
    “Yin” energy. Order online flowers delivery or ask you home members for fresh cut flowers to your home so that when you arrive the space is fragrant with pleasant smells and revive natural yang energy.




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What kind of travel tips you can share with us?