Energize the Northwest in the August

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Northwest-compassIt is important to enhance the luck of the Patriarch

In most cases, the Northwest is the breadwinner, the leader, the patriarch, the provider, the source of financial resources area.   In Feng Shui  the Northwest is identified with the Chien trigram and the Chien trigram symbolizes Heaven luck. The Chien trigram pictured as three solid lines as firm, unyielding and adamant patriarch and leadership position.

The Northwest sector the most important sector of the house, as I mention earlier, it’s associated with patriarch or father of the household and successes of the household. It would affect the family’s fortunes and well-being. As a result, by energizing this sector, you are ensuring your family fortune and good luck is well protected.  One of the most important rules is to avoid having a kitchen or bathroom in this sector.  When the kitchen is in the Northwest, every time you use the stove, it is like you are burning up all the luck of the patriarch.  In order to reduce the fire energy, place Kun trigram and make sure to decorate the kitchen in white and have stainless steel appliances and try not to use the stove very often.

In August yearly and monthly “Lucky Heavenly 6 Star” flies to the Northwest sector, bringing mentoring luck and heaven luck to the headman of the family and household.  It is ideal to enhance the Northwest with the six round crystal balls or with Six rods wind-chimes to bring the much opportunities and support.

 August 6th; August 15th and August 24th- in those day Heavenly Star even tripled.