Friday 13, 2013. so many “13”s does it look scary?

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Friday 13th- what do you associate it with?


I come from the information technology field and Friday the 13th is associated
with bad-day-Friday-13 the computer virus that had the same name and made a lot troubles in 1987.

In reality today’s date is passing various tensions in any relationship, it could be in office or family. As an element of the day, water and disputatious number 3 star influence on today. This combination makes pressures even stronger. Carry or were something red today, just to subdue the negative effect. This day is good for those who are born in the year of Horse and Snake; however try to control your temper. For those who are born in the year of the Tiger or Rabbit, this day carries obstacles so avoid important events. A toned-down effect will be for those who were born in the year of the Rat in addition will subdue positive stars and will have waves with negative control. Try not to be active.

Today’s date: Good for travel.

Moderators for today: placing Feng Shui items, starting a business, moving to a new house, interviews and negotiating.

Today is bad for renovations, signing contracts and playing in a casino.