Chinese Lucky Coins

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Lucky Coins

Three coins with red thread tied together -

it is an especially powerful emblem or fortune magnet for prosperity and  those coins  are so powerful, that it can be considered to be equivalent to the presence of a Wealth God.

But it is vital to have correct  “Trinity Knots” –

mankind, earth and heaven luck. Not properly followed Feng Shui and not secured with knots will reduce all three lucks. Please avoid those types of coins, especially coins that are tied in a triangular shape. The Trinity Knots should be made from high quality brass or bronze. I notice that a lot of Chinese coins introduced in the market aren’t made from brass or bronze; instead they’re made from resin. The Chinese coins should be made from brass or bronze, tied in strip, must have Yin and Yang sides and have tree knots that should be tied not too loose and not too tight. The looseness or tightness will affect those who carry them. You can place those coins in your pocket, purse or wallet wherever you go to ensure you carry with you wealth energy that could crate abundance for you.