Money Frog

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Money Frog What the legends telling – The Money Frog

The most branded object in Feng Shui practice “Money Frog”, it can be found in almost any home, even in places where Feng Shui not practiced. The Money Frog also called Three Legged Toad.  It is the divine version of frog which has three legs only and considered as the most important symbol of prosperity, wealth and money blessings. 

The Chinese legends mention

that Money Frog living on the moon and it power become more significant during Luna eclipse.  According to traditional tales the Money frog was originally the wife of a mythical figure who received the Elixir of Immortality from Hsi Wangmu goddess.  The naturally greedy she stole the elixir of immortality and she was punished by other deities of the heaven, converted into a three legged frog and directed to stay in the moon. The three legged toad liked to go for a walk during the night and in the morning she came back home. As a part of her character was greediness, she went only the places where were money and money stuck to her paws. When she returning home, she carried a large amount of money with her, since then wherever people see the Money Frog, there is a bed of money surrounding it. In related legend, the mythical three legged toad is being baited with gold coins by Liu Hai. The Liu Hai was believed to be proficient in Taoist magic and had knowledge of the toad’s powers for attracting wealth and prosperity. The Money Frog became his possession which could bring him to any places he wants to go. When he couldn’t find the Money Frog, he would use a string of coins as a bait to fish the Money Frog. That is why the picture of Liu Hai fishing for the Money Frog  with coins tied on a long red string become itself an emblem meaning that “ Wealth is about to come” and so popular among the Chinese, since it represent extremely good money luck.

The Money Frog considered

as the most important symbol of prosperity, wealth and money blessings in Feng Shui. For generations, this mythical Money Frog became the holy creature that protects against misfortune and promised to bring to any household bigger enrichment in wealth. Money Frog treated as all frogs and not as immortals and they can be placed on the floor. The Money frog representing accumulating luck from Five core directions East, West, North, South and Center, also the Money Frog  give us five types of blessing connected to each other: Good Fortune, Position and Salary, Long life, Happiness and Wealth.

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