What the Dragon Tortoise Signifies?

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 The Dragon Tortoise

is divine creature which combines two of the four celestial animals Dragon and   Tortoise in Feng Shui. Also Dragon Tortoise symbolize the power of Heavenly Dragon and the Earthly  Tortoise. The harmoniously blend Dragon and Tortoise together they represent ambitious and wisdom.The Dragon signifies braved and incredible success, while the Tortoise represents resoluteness and stability, ensuring your success and be long-lived.

The Dragon  Tortoise

is guards the Northern sector of the heaven and it symbolize winter. There are several types of Dragon -Tortoise, Dragon- Tortoise with coins and ingots, Dragon -Tortoise with Chi Lin; Dragon-Tortoise with Treasure box and Dragon-Tortoise with baby, all of them have different meanings and symbolism. This traditional symbol of peace, longevity, harmony and emperor’s stability we can find in the palaces and high status homes. The Dragon Tortoise is wonderful cure to increase career luck, longevity and health, wealth luck, family luck and education luck. The Dragon-Tortoise with baby on a coins bed symbolizes, that whatever you start will succeed and also continue to increase and grow.

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