Bazi Chart and Dynamic Energy for 2014

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Bazi Chart or Eight Type of Destiny   for 2014

Today we are going to cover a crucial topic which everyone desires to know; LUCK. According to Chinese metaphysics we have 3 kinds of luck, Heaven, Earth and a Main kind of luck.
1.Heaven Luck is predefined and cannot be changed. In a few words, heaven luck will set when you are born, the location, as well as what family you are born into. Therefore, our life to some degree is relying upon the day, time and place that we were born.
2.Earth luck refers to the surroundings environment. Generally speaking, we could not make significant difference in the main areas of our surroundings, including social, political and economic condition of the country and environment where we live and this would affect the quality of life/luck. However, Feng Shui practice allows us to make changes within our personal space home or office. Even if our earthly luck is not so good, we are still able to create some positive influence of ‘chi’ thru the correction.
3.The Main kind of luck is shaped by our behavior and attitude to our life and even what kind of choices we make during our life trip. There is no question about how personal effort can seriously affect the quality of life/luck. Many people from ordinary or poor family have turned around their quality of life or luck through their efforts and boldness.Wood_Horse_Year-paht-chee-2014
The 2014 Paht Chee/Bazi Chart (known as Eight Type of Destiny Luck)is skewed in favor of the Fire element and only three elements are present in the chart. We have 4 Fire, 3 Wood and 1 Metal. Normally this is considered as very unbalanced chart with Earth and Water missing. Usually an unbalance chart like that would suggest a year is deficient in good news and progress but not 2014. The year pillar, containing Fire and Wood in a producing bond, puts forward that this year is expected to bring beneficial energy. On top of that with so much Yang Fire (Paht Chee chart shows us Strong Fire), it seems like next year will shine brightly for everyone. However the 2 Horses in the chart suggested arrogance that will dominate during in the year. Also with the presence of 2 “Stars of Aggressive Sword” in the year chart, 2014 will come with a lot of tension and bellicosity. People who are in “anger management” business, be ready for long hours to work. In terms of politics and leaderships, internationally the flaming energy could bring the world to the brink of war for leaders, we should pay attention  more to  diplomatic work or we need groups of people who are born in the year of the Rabbit or Sheep or Boar. It looks like the majority of our leaders were born in the year of Horse, this includes Angela Merkel, C.Y. Leung, Francois Hollande, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Shinzo Abe, all born in 1954, and David Cameron born in 1966, Joe Biden born in 1942, all born in year of Horse. The good news is with the strong Fire energy we can expect positive economic news and stock market recovery that will stimulate investor confidence and money spending. All energy transaction already started and will finalized on February when officially spring arrives and there is a solar new year state.


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Also we have 2 romantic stars that will touch our life this year, it is star of Peach of blossom and External Flower of Romance or “Red Charm”. Those two stars will influence us positive and negative ways. Firstly positive: Peach of Blossom star will bring many romantic essence in the air a lot of people will have a chance to meet someone special, the bad news is that star of Peach of Blossom not so strong and beneficial energy is limited, due to clash Yin Wood with Yin Metal. So it means that new relationships will be not so long and barely lead to the marriage.feng-shui-Red-Charm-star
Second Star of External Flower of Romance lead to the married couple to the adultery, so this year we are going to hear that a lot of celebrate will engages in the sex scandals or break-ups.

Such a challenging and at the same full of news year is expect us.




 Elements Represents for 2014

Metal represent  Wealth and  Financial Success
Wood represent Resource and  Support
Fire represent  Friends/Colleagues and Competition
Earth represent Intelligence and Creativity (hidden)
Water -Recognition, Power, Rank (hidden)

We missing Intelligence and Recognition this year Earth and Water but we have Earth and Water as hidden elements.

Hidden Earth point to cheating and  a lot of lie and fraud would this year, do not tryst  easy to anyone.
Hidden When symbolize  that a lot of competitors  secretly yearn for a lot power and rank.


Take advantage of new energy and all information, try to implement to your life, share your thoughts  and ask me question or “how to” in comments, I’ll be happy to answer.

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