What Month of Fire Tiger suggests for us?

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February 4th means spring has officially arrived and this year spring starts from the month of the Fire Tiger. 


These two elements are in a productive cycle. This time of the year is transformational, days become longer, the sun is getting higher in the sky and sends a feeling that spring has arrived, and brings elusive changes. Since Tigers are Yang Wood element, they bring a lot of changes and growing and traveling energy. Especially for people who are born under Rat, Dragon or Monkey Zodiac signs. If you are a Rat, Dragon or Monkey try new things or new ideas, make some shifts in your life. This month brings a new opportunities and travels. Just be cautious when traveling long distance. Also if you are born in year of the Monkey you can expect some fussy activities this month.

February will be a good time to ask for promotions.   feng-shui-office
Since the combination of elements creates the “Commanding Star”, that energy works very well for a highly ambitious person.


Cupid-feng-shui-Fire-Tiger-month The Fire Tiger month,  creates a monthly Peach of Blossom Star that has energy that influences everyone. Literally Cupid with arrows will look for victims to pierce by his amorous arrows. feng-shui-love-Fire-Tiger-month

This month love is in the air and it makes this Valentine’s Day very special with the heaven stem Fire element.


In addition, Tigers and Horses represent the benefactors for those who are born in the Day of Yin Metal or Yin Fire. This month you have a big chance to meet someone helpful and exciting new opportunities will knock at your door. Also those who have self-elements such as Yang Wood it is a good time to make plans for the nearest future.

I know it can be confusing

As a Feng Shui practitioner, I’m sure you know Feng Shui is extremely valuable to your live. However, I know it’s confusing when we use Feng Shui terminology, only a fraction you can truly understand. But I also know even to use of general recommendation can increase and coordinate your life for better.

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