November- Boar “Hai” Month

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November – Wood Boar Month

According to the Chinese calendar, starting from November 7th we are entering the winter season. Also, November is associated with the Pig in Chinese Zodiac signs. November fetches an excess of water that could trigger melancholy mood and depression, as well as hesitation in important matters. People with a lot of water elements in their personal chart will be more prone to such feelings. Besides that should be noted that in November, the most affected and weak element is metal. Signs of imbalance and shortage of the metal element indicate tiredness, skin problems, bone, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Lack of metal affects our ability to manage everyday activities, disrupts the clarity of thoughts, judgments and leads to indecision. People’s tendency to debate and struggling will start all over again. In terms of business and finance, it will be mixed month. Industries such as jewelry, equipment, beauty and banking will have a noticeable lull since they are affected by the redundancy of water. On the other hand, the stock market should perform better and should finish to some positive degree.
Nevertheless, this month will benefit people who are born in the year or day of the Rabbit, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster or Tiger. The monthly positive days are represented by the wood element.
From the standpoint of energy flow and how or what influences us in November, you can look at my monthly Flying Stars update for information. I cover what types of energy will affect you if you have main door or bedroom in certain compass directions, and where not to start your renovation this month, here is a link  Monthly Flying Stars