Taste of France

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Taste-Of-France-Bryant Park

There’s something very interesting about being in a place where the energy is combined, mixed, blended and transform to different level. I’m talking about a cultural event that gives you the knowledge and concepts of the people who live in another country. Something hardly noticeable happens there in my favorite city which combines two absolutely lovely and diametric cultures; the Taste of France was a wonderful two-day event which was held in Bryant Park, New York. It was organized by New York’s French community in partnership with French organizations. The New Yorkers and visitors have the unique opportunity to experience the “taste of France” without leaving the New York. This year’s “Taste of France” had in the largest showcase ever organized to promote France in the U.S. and worldwide, as well as expositions and attractions from main areas of France including lifestyle, technology, fashion and beauty, cuisine, wine and champagne, and lots, lots of fun.

Taste-Of-France-Bryant Park-Wine Taste-Of-France-Bryant Park-Ninas-Tea

Attendees had the opportunity to see and touch the engines of airplanes, observe how to distill French lavender oil for the creation of a perfume, sample exquisite dishes from master chefs, attend wine-testing seminars, listening to live music and more.

Taste-Of-France-Bryant-Park-Air-Of-France Taste-Of-France-Bryant-Park-Air-Of-France
Taste-Of-France-Bryant-Park-Air-Of-France-Cook Taste-Of-France-Bryant-Park-Macarons

Perhaps you are wondering how this related to Feng Shui. In a very real sense, a lot of positive and Yang energy were created at that event. Many nonprofit organizations were participating with events and by making donations, you can create positive energy flow.
One of them was the French Bulldog Rescue. You could make donation and take pictures with a French Bulldog and maybe even get a kiss. I love this creativity since they do not ask for just donation, instead they exchange positive energy.

Taste-Of-France-Bryant-ParkFrench-Bulldog-Rescue Taste-Of-France-Bryant-Park

If you feel depressed just go for a walk on the crowded streets to catch positive energy. Just help someone on the street or do something good for strangers and you will see that your depression has disappeared.

I love events in Manhattan. Something good happened, not only by sharing the culture and traditions, but the sharing of positive energies.

Au Revoir Taste of France.

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