Feng Shui Around Us

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Have you ever notice that South Korea has a very strong influence by the ancient knowledge of I-Ching Korea-Seoul-Blue_House
and has even incorporated it in the government structures and symbols?
The I-Ching is the great knowledge which has formed the basis for almost all the eastern philosophy and Sciences that counts more than 6000 years. Also, I-Ching is the main core of the knowledge of Feng Shui. A great example of good Feng Shui is in the South Korea Presidential Residence and the South Korean Flag. The Blue House (the South Korean Presidential Residence) is built on a land which according to the theory of the Feng Shui, represents the Red Phoenix and Black Turtle, Green Dragon and White Tiger. Take a look at the picture; you can see the big hill (Black Turtle) at the back of presidential Residence. There is a piece of ample land in front of the Blue House (Red Phoenix) and the left portion of land is higher (Green Dragon) than the land on the right (White Tiger).

Now let’s take a look at the South Korean Flag; it is a great illustration of a philosophical and symbolism. It is overt and sends a clear message about how the country would like to be seen. In fact the flag has a name “태극기” Taegukki, also known as TaiJi and the Ying and Yang symbols.There are four trigrams around the central circle and symbolize Fire, Heaven, Water and Earth.



i-Ching-South-Korea Symbolize: Heaven, Sky, and Father.
i-Ching-South-Korea Symbolize: Sun, Fire, Justice and Daughter.
i-Ching-South-Korea Symbolize: Moon, Water, Intelligence, Wisdom and Son
i-Ching-South-Korea Symbolize: Earth, Courtesy, Vitality and Mother.

The Taegukki represents the origin of all things in the universe, holding the two principles of yin and yang in perfect balance. The white background symbolizes purity of the nation or people. It looks mysterious, fascinating and at the same time sends a message that we embraces tradition and positive energy while remaining persistent and withstanding the pressure of external forces.