October – Dog Month “Xu”

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Some thoughts and prediction for October

October is the time when autumn closes its circle and you can begin to feel the chill. The Dog “Xu” month starts on October 8th. This day is also known as Han Lu which means cold dew. Surely you already have felt the morning chill when you open a door and go outside. Since the Wood Horse is meeting the Wood Dog, the wood is feeding the fire. October could be a warm month not only in terms of weather, but in terms of politics as well.

Positive days in the month are days with Yang Fire energy. Those days are accompanied by the monthly “Virtue” star. The Yin Metal days bring about good outcomes. Also, the monthly “Propitiousness” star goes with the Yang Metal days. All earth days, Dog, Dragon, Ox and Goat, are supported by this monthly energy.
Those who are born in year or day of the Fire Dog, Wood or Fire Pig, Fire Rat, Fire Ox, Fire or Earth or Metal Tiger, Earth or Metal Rabbit, Wood Snake, Fire Horse, Earth Goat, Wood or Earth Monkey will have outstanding positive energy and good news this month. Those who are born in the year or day of Earth Boar, Wood Rat, Fire or Water Rabbit, Wood or Earth or Metal or Water Horse, Fire or Water Monkey will have a decent month and bring encouraging energy. Click here to find your year of birth

Just do not forget about the adverse monthly stars that affect our lives, and may affect us maybe even more than positive stars. When Han Lu (Cold Dew) day has passed, in our case October 8th, the monthly Three Killings stars will shift to the North, Northeast and Northwest sectors. So, after October 8th do not renovate, dig or disturb the ground in the North, Northeast and Northwest sectors lest the harmful energies of the tree killings will be unleashed. Besides that, here are the inauspicious days in October: Tiger, Dragon, Monkey and Goat (in Chinese astrology, the days of the week are named after animals) be careful in these days. 


Enjoy your reading and October