Small Steps to improve your life: Feng Shui Wealth.

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The old Feng Shui masters declared   chinese ingots-feng-shui

Feng Shui along, does not bring you wealth if you do not endeavor for it, but it gives you the essential support to find your wealth and fortune.” Feng Shui helps you to create an environment that will make you stronger and attract the energies of wealth.

Today we are going to talk about wealth. The creation of wealth it is quite different from having a regular flow of income. The creation of wealth is having an asset; all investments you have, all property, all the business you run will increase the value or take it to the next level and never loose you wealth. As we become older and our ability to create regular income flow become slower and the accumulation of wealth is slow too, that when we use Feng Shui to create stability in our lives.

Here are small steps that you can use to enhance your wealth luck:

As usual, we are going to use a compass. Feng Shui is all about the compass and I remind you that you need to have a good compass. Standing in the center of you house with a compass, look for the Southeast corner inside your home as well as outside if you are living in a private house. The Southeast corner represents the Universal Wealth Sector.


By placing water here, we are activating this sector and enhancing your wealth energy. Water can be placed as a small water feature or as an aquarium with nine fish (eight red fish and one black). Also, this could be displayed as nice plants if you are activating inside a home or apartment.

If you are activating the wealth corner outside the house, it’s good to have nice big, good and healthy trees and plenty of plants in the garden in the southeast. Besides the trees, we can introduce water as a swimming pool or lake, but remember water must be closed like reservoir, not like a river.

  • One more thing about wealth and water, I would like to point to the indirect energy of wealth,


it would be Southwest corner. By placing a small water feature in the Southwest we are insuring that our wealth will grow.

Now we can add a little symbolic Feng Shui to our surroundings, like placing sailing ships coming from the North direction to your home it itself is a good wealth energizer. Just add some kind of money to the ship, it could be Chinese metal money or it could be real coins.

And more advanced enhancement you can use your Sheng Chi  direction (Best Direction) to activate wealth energy.  




Of course Feng Shui has much powerful cures and many different tips and rules, but we are only focusing on the small and easy steps of Feng Shui. We can all improve our lives, all we need just some action.

Tell me in the comments how your progress is going.