Feng Shui is all about the size

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Lucky and Unlucky Dimensions.

Have you ever thought about why the small Chinese shops sell symbols of luck Ruler and wealth and why the owners are not usually rich people if they sell products that bring richness?

If these cheap products that the cheap stores sell brought luck, then those cheap shop owners would be rich, but that is not how Feng Shui works. It does not matter how many lucky frogs they are selling, in the end they do not bring them a lot of good luck or as much luck as they wish for. The fact is that everything should be the correct size and should be made from the right material, not every master will tell you that.  Feng Shui has lucky and unlucky dimensions.

Maybe the best use of the lucky dimension is to use auspicious picture frames. Put an image of yourself and/or family in a frame, which brings dimensions and creates an excellent Feng Shui for all members, such as wealth, good relationships or achieving high honors in exams. Calla-Lily-Frame-_-167-0206_av1

Thus, photo frames can have a width between 6.3/8 -8.1/2 inches (16.2-21.5cm), as this range of dimensions brings excellent supporting luck, good children and powerful friend luck. The indications for these dimensions benefit all the family widely, so these are excellent for family photos. As for the length of the picture frame, this can be between 8.1/2- 10.5/8 inches (21.5-27 cm). With these dimension, students benefit significantly since it helps them pass tests. For the rest of the family, this range of measurements brings high honors and improves income luck.