Feng Shui your office or home office

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In recent years, the number of people working at home has increased at an astonishing rate due to the development of technology. Work from home solves many problems associated with the loss of time in traffic jams, stress of the big city and being with children if needed.
If you are working from home and you have an office your house, you can significantly improve the quality and productivity of your work using the principles of Feng Shui. Ideally the office should be located in the south-east, north-west, north or north-east of the house or apartment.

Since the office is designed for active mental activity, yang energy must be dominant. Furniture needs to have sharp angles and straight lines to give yang energy. Also, computers, phones and other electrical devices are stimulating to yang energy in the in the office.
When designing an office, it is preferable to use strong and rich colors. Do not choose pastel shades. Hang blinds on office windows rather than curtains; blinds better emphasize the yang element than thick curtains.
The office must be lit better than others rooms and natural light should be present as well. It is not only practical, but also helps to activate different energies, creating a positive working environment. When you work at a desk, make sure that the ceiling light is not directly above your head because in that case you will experience psychological discomfort.
The main piece of furniture of an office is, of course, a desk. It must be located so that when you are working, you could see the front door and people entering the room well.
It is not recommended to sit facing a wall in an office as it impedes the movement of energy and ultimately can lead to isolation and even claustrophobia. However, if you do not have other options, you may hang a picture in front of a table with a pleasant landscape and birds. It will give a sense of depth and dissipate negative emotions from the enclosed space. If your office does not have windows, use items that attract yang energy. This can be a rotating ceiling fan, a bell collection or pictures with open windows.


  • Sha energy and negative impact

Any offices and work place could be potentially dangerous because of the “secret arrows” created by angular furniture and open bookshelves. Therefore, in the office is better to use glazed shelves or bookcases with lockable doors. Reference books, materials and supplies are not be stored in plain sight.
In addition, a clear desk will help soothe your personal energy as a messy room, or a desk full of different objects makes a lot of distraction to the clarity of thoughts.


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