Feng Shui Bathroom Basic Rules

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One of the most troubled places in the house is the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Last week I did a Feng Shui article about basic kitchen rules, and today we are talking about the Feng Shui  bathrooms rules. A general bathroom rule is whatever you do, you should not be facing away from the front door in the bathroom at any time. Also, each piece of furniture should be positioned so, that the person who is using them never faces away from the front door.

  • Rule number one: Make your bathroom and toilets inconspicuous.toilet-feng-shui
  • Rule number two: Entering the bathroom, you should not immediately see the toilet.

This can be avoided by using the door so that it “covers” the toilet, but does not open toward it. A water leak is unfavorable in terms of Feng Shui. In addition, it is believed that running water takes money out of your home. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the taps in the bathroom, the shower, the toilet are not leaking. If this should happen, you should immediately eliminate leakage. This applies to the taps in the kitchen too.

  • Rule number three: Beware toilets in the Southeast, Southwest, Northwest or in the center of your home.

If the bathroom or toilet is located in the Southeast of your home, it will flush away money luck. This is because the Southeast represents wealth luck. To subdue the negative effect, hang a metal five layers wind-chime inside; otherwise you could find your wealth flashing away. If the bathroom or toilet is located in the Southwest of your home, it will flush away relationship luck. This is because the Southwest represents relationship and marriage luck. The bathroom should be white or very light pastel tones, avoid bright colors. One of the remedies to reduce a negative result is by hanging a metal five layers wind-chime inside. If the bathroom or toilet is located in the Northwest of your home, it will affect father of the house and flush away luck of all home members. The Northwest represents father and mentors luck. Here you can use wind-chimes as well. Wind-chimes work well here because they create the sound of metal. Also it releases Yang metal energy. In addition to wind-chimes, there are other remedies as well. Toilets should not be located in the center of the house as this afflicts the heart of the home.

  • Rule number four: A toilet on the other side. A bathroom in the bedroom is a modern luxury invention, I know it is very convenient, but it is not good Feng Shui. If your bed is placed against a wall and there is bathroom or toilet on the other side of the wall, it is very bad luck for when you sleep. Remedies are very simple, just place bed to the other wall.
  • Rule number five: Good air circulation

Good air circulation plays an important role. Regardless of location of the toilet, it must be either a small window or good vent.

What do you think? What kind of Feng Shui tips do you wish to share with your friends and family? Share your experience or examples in the comments below.