Who is holding YOU ?!

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It is obvious that all people want to be healthy, wealthy, and happy, and see only good things happen in their lives. Unfortunately, that only happens in fairy tales, and in real life we have to set goals and pursue them. We go to school, we get jobs; we are constantly expanding our experience and progress in our education and lives. It is then when we may get close to our goals.
But, the question is how can you achieve your goal and what should you do? Can Feng Shui or BaZi help? The answer is yes, they can help. Feng Shui and BaZi are tools to use to improve and balance life.

How can people change their life? There are several ways: first, you could change yourself, your character or your environment. Of course, changing yourself is most effective way, but it is the most difficult way and requires a lot of discipline and effort. Changing your environment is a much easier way. It is much easier to change your social circle, find better job or move to a different house or room. But, sometimes our actions depend on other peoples decisions.

Recently I did reading for one family that has an outstanding child, and because he is eminent his behaviors and actions were not his standard ones. This happened because, based on the BaZi chart, he is in a clashing period of his luck cycle right now. In addition to that, his room has a negative Flying Stars combination called “Sabotage Yourself.” As result, he has problems with everything. Now I’m asking you, wouldn’t you do anything to improve your child’s life and give them the opportunity to become a successful person?
What I have come across very often is that people actually do not want to do any movements or make any commitments to improve their lives. The only way Feng Shui and BaZi can help you is if you take action to change something in your life for better. You can bring a horse to watering place, but you cannot force it to drink the water. Feng Shui works the same way, it can help you to transform life, but you have to allow yourself to make a change. The difference between success and happiness is ACTION.