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Will the month of the Dog be lucky for you?

October 1, 2015 in Articles


In the Chinese solar calendar, the month of the Dog is the last month of the autumn season. This particular Dog month is a Fire Dog one, which means the fire energies will be more dominant. Also this month can bring some Read the rest of this entry →

How to Recognize Difficult People using BaZi

September 26, 2015 in Articles


Back in August, I got acquainted with a very charming young man who works and lives in the sunny state of Florida. As a real estate agent, his work is connected with people that are sometimes pleasant, and sometimes not, and he asked me how to recognize difficult people and how deal with them. Read the rest of this entry →

What 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Feng Shui Consultant Before You Hire It.

September 23, 2015 in Articles, Feng Shui Tips

I have not written articles for some time and that’s what induces me to write an article this week. More and more often I get asked questions like “in what corner should I hang a picture with waterfall”, “what color I should paint the bathroom ” or ” what is my lucky color to wear.” Read the rest of this entry →

Who is holding YOU ?!

June 2, 2015 in Articles


It is obvious that all people want to be healthy, Read the rest of this entry →

Everest’s Fatal Day

April 28, 2015 in Articles

April 25th, 2015  

Throughout the past few days, the only thing we have heard on television is about the shocking earthquake in Nepal. As I mentioned in my article, “The Year of the Wood Goat 2015”, this year will be full of natural disasters related to the earth, Read the rest of this entry →