Mirror Pacement

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Mirrors as remedies: feng-shui-mirror-as-remedies

Mirrors can be used as a remedy to extend walls thereby balancing incomplete house shapes or correcting missing corners. Also mirrors can be used to camouflage columns that can’t be moved. Mirrors can be used in many ways as long as the mirror does not reflect potentially difficult thing such as the staircase, toilet or kitchen.


Mirrors as enhances:

Using mirrors correctly can create good Feng Shui. A large mirror can be placed on one of the walls of the dining room. Reflecting the food on the table is most auspicious in dining room Feng Shui because this “doubles” the food on the table. To be suitable, the mirror should sufficiently reflect the food and it should not be placed in a way which “cuts” the head or feet of occupants. In general the mirror should be suitably large.

Mirrors to improve business:

If you run a retail business or own a restaurant, mirrors can be used to improve business. A mirror creates an incredible Mirror-in-bussinessbenefit when it is used to decorate the walls of a retail operation to attract a larger crowd of customers. This is because the yang energy generated by the people who shop at the store will attract more yang energy in the form of new customers. Business improves and grows. Also a good idea is to keep a mirror next to the cash register to reflect your cash register. this is creates “doubles” in sale at the store. If the mirror reflects auspicious symbols of good fortune placed next to the cash register, it will be even more auspicious.

Mirrors as afflictions:

When mirrors are placed in the bedroom and they reflect the bed directly, it creates affliction. Mirrors that reflect beds create tension and a great deal of problems for the couple sleeping inside the bedroom. Also mirrors with bed reflection generate third party influence and cause the marriage to become rather feng-shui-mirror-bedroomcrowded. In the same way you can be defenseless to hidden forces and energies that could be reflected into your bedroom. If you have mirrors in your bedroom and they reflect your bed, I advise you to reposition it, take it down or covered it up.





PS: Remember, mirrors are excellent for reflecting good luck symbols and beautiful decor or gardens especially when the mirror reflects outside water into the home. It generates power of luck and brings wealth into the home.