Means of correction bad Feng Shui

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Here we look at the basic tools that are used in Feng Shui to correct adverse situations. This is lighting, candles, mirrors, crystals, pendants, bells, moving objects, plants, water, electricity, sound, etc. when using them do not forget about the basic principles discussed above. Any significant change will definitely improve your life, but if you already had some success, think before you act. Do not overuse mirrors, plants or decorations because you have to achieve a balance and proportionality in the space around you. When you are selecting items for your home, consider the style of your home, your personal tastes and the tastes of your household members. Each tool described below has its own characteristics. Knowing and understanding them in general lets you use them in many different ways.

Lighting             Means-of-correction-bad-Feng-Shui

Light is a powerful stimulator of energy or Chee/Qi outside as well as inside the house. Because the light is closely related to the element of fire, its effect is most pronounced in the southern part of the individual rooms or house. Also light is a good enhancement to the quality of the earth element in the southwest and northeast part of your house. The best source of light is natural light. If you think your house is not lighted enough, you can replace the curtains to thinner ones or hang a mirror on the side of the window. If the room lighting is too bright there is a predominance of Yang energy. A better way to balance this room is to hang opaque curtains because not all bright lights are positive. Lounge rooms, including a bedroom, should not be illuminated as brightly as the room in which you do some work or entertain guests. The light could be either strong or low, but it should not irritate eyes. Fluorescent lighting in Feng Shui consider hazardous to health. Avoid placing a powerful lamp directly overhead, especially if you spend a lot of time around this spot. With the help of floor lamps and sconces, you can make the room lighter and, at the same time, produce soft, diffused lighting. It is very good to use a lamp with adjustable brightness switches, especially in rooms that are used for different purposes.  For example, enhancing the lighting in the living room during the day, you can make it noisy and busy, and you can create a muting light in the evening to make a calm, peaceful atmosphere conducive to rest.

Crystals  bad-feng-shui-using-crystals-to-correct

This is one of the main symbols of the Earth element, so they should be placed in the southwestern, northeastern and central parts of the room or house. Commonly used crystals are transparent rock crystals. On a shelf, you can put “brush” amethyst green or garnet crystals (uvarovite), i.e. growths of small crystals in the form in which they occur in nature. Crystals improve the quality of natural light and scatter it to all corners of the room directing the auspicious energy of Chee/Qi. A crystal hanged on a cord or chain to the window draws the room more light and energy. These crystals are very well suited for dark or gloomy rooms. Faceted crystal hanged in front living room windows in the sunny days will create a rainbow Yang, refracting and reflecting sunlight. This will be supportive a good mood and promote active activities. Such crystals are particularly suitable for the living room or kid’s room. A crystal or glass bowl placed in the southwest corner of the living room strengthens relationships. When put in the northeast, it will stimulate desire for knowledge and education and in the east it will allow career plans to be successfully implemented.