Small Steps to improve your life: Step Two – Relationships

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Who knows where the love comes from?

Heart-feng-shui How does it appear inside us or how is it born?

Scientists say that it is a chemical process. Basically that chemical process affects our emotions, so where does it come from? I personally think it’s a gift from heaven granted to humanity as science of cognition and improving each other.




Why relationships are so important is because they make impacts on our everyday life. It does not matter if you are married or single, relationships with co-workers or kids have influences . And if your relationships do not go well, it affects our lives.


If you are feeling sad more often than happy, if you are single or have a imbalanced, unhealthy or unfulfilling relationship, if you have feelings of isolation or if you are going through a break-up or divorce or maybe you just can’t get a date; just start with easy steps:


1.Before answering or say something, just count to 10 or at least 8 (eight is auspicious number).

2.Get a good compass, not for a $1 or a toy compass. iPhone compasses are acceptable.

3.Check the Universal Relationship corner in Feng Shui – the Southwest, possibly the relationship area of your home may have an unbalanced or block in energy flow (like a laundry room, bathroom, big closets, garage, etc).

Simple Remedies:

You DO NOT NEED to activate or to re- paint that area (like laundry room, the bathrooms, big closets, garage, etc) but you NEED TO MAKE SURE THIS AREA IS CLUTTER FREE.

Find the Southwestern part of your Living Room and place images and symbols of Love & Romance, like you and your partner together happy.
Place Six crystal balls or Six red apples (could be artificial), it benefits all family members.

Place the Double happy sign in your bedroom.

If you are single and want to get marred, place a picture of two Peonies in your bedroom.

Have everything in bedroom doubled: two pillows, two night stands, two lamps etc.

Bring balance in your home; go around house and check if everything is in balance. Try to have everything in doubles or paired.

Please avoid pictures with single and lonely woman, it generates negative energy flow. In case you do have some and like them, display a single man next to that picture.

Office relationships tips: you have to find the Southwest in office and place something red there or keep red apples on your desk.


Double-happy-sign-feng-shui two-pink-peonies-feng-shui
Love-feng-shui Relationships-feng-shui

I hope you will in enjoy your relationship with your partner and  family members.

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PS: Please, do not forget to write me in the comments how it works for you and what are you struggling with.