Main Entrance, Hallway or Lobby

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There are houses and apartments which when you enter, you instantly walk into the
living room or kitchen. However, most modern apartments or private homes have an entrance hall, at least a small one. If the size of your hallway is very modest, it is
important not to clutter it with unnecessary items and furniture.

The entrance should be well lighted and kept clean in order for the energy to not stagnate and not create a sense of apathy and fatigue.
It is very inauspicious for there to be a staircase leading to the second floor in a small hallway. In this case energy will not cover the first floor and it will immediately rise to the top. Nevertheless this problem can be fixed by hanging Shamisen  wind-chimes or bells. They will slow the movement of energy. Also to make small hallway more spacious you can use mirror. If there is no place to hang a mirror, you can install an ornamental plant across from the entrance which would improve the interior. If the stairs are located on the side of the entrance, you can put a divider or screen which create a barrier to the exit of qi/energy. (Fig 1. right)


Fig 1. Main Entrance

The entrance is not the center of family life, so there should be a maintained neutral balance of yin and yang in the design and in the light in the room.
If the hallway is very light and in an angular arrangement, this can be softened by pastel colors and curtains or dim light. If the hallway is too dark, use more deep colors, lighting and strengthen the walls by hang paintings or pictures in rectangular frames.
You can use mats to attract positive energy. Pick a color that matches the direction of the front door: to the south – green or red, for southwest – red or brown, etc.., you can find all the specters of color on Light Of Feng Shui.

Some Feng Shui masters recommend putting three gold coins for luck under the mat. They must be Chinese coins with a hole in the middle, tied with red lace (you can find more information about Chinese coins  here …).

To attract good luck into the house, a Feng Shui master may advise to brightly illuminate the front portion of the house and behind it as well.

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