Chinese New Year

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The Year of  Wood Goat, 2015Chinese New Year Celebration

The Chinese people, as ancient history shows, follow the lunar and solar calendar. Many important dates are recorded in this Chinese lunar calendar. But the celebration of New Year is the special date.

Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon, this year it falls on February 19th  and ends late at night of March 5th, the day known as Lantern Festival; usually Lantern Festival

celebrated at night with Lantern displays and children carrying lanterns in a parade.
The event of the Chinese New year is a time for celebration. The festive spirit is on the rise during the season and there are a lot of activities going on in the streets of China. Over the years China have developed many traditions associated with the celebration of the New Year.
The first day of Lunar New Year is a day to welcome Gods of Heaven and Earth.
The second day, people offer prayers to ancestors and all Gods.
The third and fourth days, in-law pays tribute to parents and relatives in- law.
The fifth day, people stay home to welcome Wealth God, no one visits families and friends on that day, because it will bring bad luck to both parties.
The sixth day, everyone visits friends and family, also good tradition to go to temples and pray for good fortune and health.
The seventh day, very important day, this day known as farmers day and when human beings were born. Traditionally on this day, everyone eats noodles for long life, raw fish for success and drink juice from seven types of vegetables for better harvests.
The eighth day, usually people have family reunion dinner and offer pray at midnight.
The ninth day, is a day when folks make offering to the Jade Emperor.
(The Jade Emperor in Chinese folk culture is the ruler of Heaven and all realms.)
The tenth day trough twelfth day’s normally everyone inviting each other for dinner and party.
On the thirteenth day commonly fasting day and all eat rice and vegetable.
The fourteenth day is spent for the preparation for Lantern festival and Lantern Festival held on the fifteenth day of lunar calendar.

Chinese New Year Celebration

The New Year season

displays a lot of diverse events such as firework show, the giving of gifts and the festival of lantern. Everyday has its own range of Chinese items, which are meant to signify the event of the day.


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