Basic and archaic theory that contain the whole universe !

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Can we keep and recognize the ancient knowledge or we are so busy with our progress that we cannot observe, understand and apply the earliest knowledge to our everyday life? Originally I was planning to write my UBC about a different topic, but one of my readers’s asked me to write about Five Elements in Feng Shui. Let’s look together at the five elements and identify how to use “antique” theory.
The Five Elements Theory is formed on the basis for Feng Shui and Chinese Geomancy. This is the name given by the ancient Chinese to their theory of the five “Elemental Energies”. These Five Energies represent all the phenomenons of nature, as they are expressed in the cyclic changes. As explained in an ancient Chinese text: The Five Elemental Energies combine and recombine in innumerable ways.
Based on the those elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, Feng Shui recognizes three Cycles such as the Productive Cycle, the Exhaustive Cycle and the Distractive Cycle. Here is simple explanation:


1. Productive Cycle: This is represented on the diagram with the arrows Water-Wood-elements that flow in a clockwise direction. This means that elements produce each other and are used for enhancing or activating something.For example, the water element produces the Wood element and water always benefits wood sectors East and Southeast.




2. Exhaustive Cycle: This is represented on diagram with the arrows flow Metal-element counterclockwise. This cycle is used when you need to weaken or suppress something and put cures into its place. For example, let’s say you have a troubled place like bathroom which is located in the Northeast area. The Northeast is designated as Earth Element. As you can see on the diagram, Metal is exhausted by Earth. To suppress the negative effects we need to introduce Metal to the bathroom.




3. Distractive Cycle: This is represented in the center of diagram by arrows. This cycle Feng-Shui-fountain

is used when we need to eliminate powerful negative energy that affects our home. An example could be a tree facing your main entrance. It becomes a very harmful poisonous bullet.  If this tree is located in the South then place water between your main entrance and the tree in order eliminate the negative force.


By understanding how this theory works, we can enhance something good or exhaust something negative. In addition, this theory works very well with compasses.

I hope this article will help you understand the elements theory. Tell me in the comments if you try it and how it works for you. Feel free to share what you wish to enhance or eliminate in you home.

PS: For information about the Five Elements theory translated into compass directions, visit my  Color page .