Astrological Monthly Assessment for all Zodiac Signs

Astrological Monthly Assessment

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Astrological Monthly Updates for all Zodiac Signs

The Third Month of the Jia Wu – Wood Horse Year

(from May 5th to June 6th 2014)



Our stars are not permanent. They are flying and moving, our luck moves and changes when one or another star is flying in our direction. Besides the fact that we have annual flying stars, additional stars that have influence in our life too.


Additional  Stars

Natural Disaster Star - Rat Yearly Killings Star - Ox Yearly Conflict Star - Tiger
General  Star – Rabbit Yi Dou Star * - Dragon Heaven Seal Star  – Snake
Tai Sui – Horse Golden Deity Star - Sheep Golden Deity Star - Monkey
Reducing Energy Star –Rooster Side 5 Yellow Star – Dog Robbery Star – Boar

* The Wu Dou turbulent star and causes money to drip, zodiac signs with this star should manage financial well and not take big risk in investment or gambler. It also serves as a solemn warning not to trust people too easily.

* Yi Duo Star from the 24 Mountains, which is a “flying star multiplier”. Unfortunately, the Flying Star in year 2014 multiplied scandal and misunderstanding energy of star Number 3, people who born at the year of Dragon should be very careful with reputation, also people who born at the year of Snake should be very careful with health. The good news is, it’s easy to remedy, make sure the Southeast sector is clean and neat.

Note: If you were born in January or February, you maybe belong to different Zodiac Signs for example, if you born in January 5 1991 you belong the Horse Sign but Sheep, it is obtained because you are born before Chinese New Year February 15, check for the correct year.


 Zodiac Sign – Monthly Update 














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